About Us

We are a small but fast growing business that started of working abroad for the main dealer gaining all the experience. With all the experience, low and reasonable prices and great customer services we can call our business successful. In the past few years hybrid vehicles have become and are still becoming extremely popular. It’s all thanks to their economy. Due to the amount of hybrid vehicles and low number of specialists in the UK, we have decided to expand our business in England. But even such an economical and reliable cars can be faulty. It becomes a huge problem especially when hybrid battery or hybrid system fails, which is just the matter of time. We know how expensive that can be so we would like to offer you a cheaper but still at it’s highest standard alternative. As a specialists we are aware that if the fault occurs, it affects some vehicle’s safety systems and vehicle shouldn’t be driven. Driving with such a fault may damage the HV battery completely, affect breaking, steering system,etc. Due to the risk of driving such a car, we would like to offer you a mobile service all over the country, and repair being completed outside of the client’s house saving you time and all the hassle.

Prices includes:
– Getting to the client,
– Dismantling faulty battery and installation of tested & fully working battery with warranty.

We can assure you that prices for our full services are simular or lower from the prices of used and not 100% batteries purchased online. So why not to give us a call and find out more. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions.