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We are expanding our position thanks to many years of experience in the repair and regeneration of hybrid batteries.

Attractive prices

We offer low and competitive prices, high quality services and a professional and friendly services.

Comprehensive range of services

The service includes access to the customer, the dismantling of the damaged battery and the installation of a refurbished battery with a guarantee.

About us

We are a fast growing company that started operations in the UK, where we have a solid reputation and recognition. We owe our success to our many years of experience in the repair and regeneration of low-hybrid batteries and affordable prices, which offer the highest quality of service as well as professional and friendly service.

In recent years, hybrid cars have and continue to gain popularity because of their economy. They are also becoming more and more common in Poland, so we have developed our activity on the Polish market with a view to the Polish customer and the lack of qualified specialists in this field. However, we know very well that if a battery or hybrid system fails, operational failures and unavoidable repair costs can be “otherworldly” and often too high for the vehicle’s value.

In this case, the repair will be uneconomical, so we would like to offer you a more cost-effective and equally professional help in solving this problem. As specialists in this field, we know that in the event of a fault, the vehicle’s system switches off most of the systems that impair driving safety, and that cars with this problem should therefore not be on the road. Prolonged use of such a vehicle can seriously damage the HV battery, lock the vehicle, and prevent the engine from starting. Due to the risk of this failure, we have introduced a mobile service that gives the customer access throughout Poland and repairs “on site” at the customer’s site for your safety.


Comprehensive services

At customer premises Battery exchange Guarantee

We assure you that the prices of the full service mentioned above are comparable or lower than the prices of the batteries available on the Internet, which are untested, unsafe and without guarantee.

Repairs, regenerations, other services

Inverters and gearbox

Repair of hybrid batteries

We deal with the professional repair and regeneration of HV batteries for hybrid vehicles. We repair inverters and gearboxes . We have special equipment, thanks to which we are sure that the battery we repair will serve our customers for a long time. We also repair CIVIC Hybrid . It is a service with a 12-month guarantee .

We also offer batteries for Honda CIVIC without mileage limit .

Service / workshop / mobile services

We carry out ongoing workshop repairs of all defects on hybrid and electric cars . Problems with engine operation, ongoing service, oil changes, any electronic and mechanical errors?

Please contact us.

A mobile service was created out of concern for the safety of our customers. A vehicle with a damaged HV battery should not be used because the safety systems - which support the steering of the vehicle, i.e. ESP, ABS and others - do not work.

Supported vehicles

We repair and replace batteries in hybrid cars:

Toyota : Prius Gen. 1, Gen. 2, Gen. 3, Auris, Yaris, Camry, Estima etc.
Lexus : GS, RX, CT etc.
Honda : CIVIC


We strongly advise against deletion errors: "Check Hybrid System" and "Check VSC", this will not repair the battery, it can damage it or cause the cells to explode including a vehicle fire!

we regenerate oil pumps for LEXUS GS 450H automatic transmissions



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